Insured and Certified

It can be difficult finding a reputable company to remove your oil tank. Whether it be above ground or underground, we are both insured and certified to complete the job.

Oil Tank Removal

A typical oil tank removal, first involves identifying where the tank is located.  If the home owner is not familiar with the location of the oil tank, a brief site visit will be necessary to determine the oil tank location and what type of equipment is needed.

Removing an underground tank has minimal impact. Home owners are concerned about the impact an underground oil tank removal will have on their property. Undertaking an oil tank removal project isn’t as invasive as you think. In most cases the property can be returned to its original state.

Above Ground Oil Tank Replacement

We supply and install Fiberglass Oil tanks and ROTH DWT oil tanks. The placement of the new tank will be determined in advance and the complete process takes only 3 to 5 hours.

The most common place for new tanks are in the basement, garage or outside the home.  During the oil tank installation, the contractor will install the new above ground tank and connect it to the oil burning furnace. We may have to run new piping from the above ground tank to the furnace, which is not a complicated project.

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Oil Tank Installation and Removal